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The organizational chart plays an important role in a management system because it clearly shows the structure and distribution of tasks within an organization, thus contributing to effective collaboration, communication, and decision making.


Use the Highlander Principle to gain buy-in for the process model


There can be only one! Only one function that owns a process. The function that takes strategic responsibility, defines rules, sets goals, and provides the necessary resources. Or the function that is responsible for implementing the process and continuously improving it.

Use the organizational chart with the people assigned to each function as a springboard into the processes of the areas, departments and/or teams.

Map the organizational plan from the top down with no limit on the depth of levels.

With free role definition and optional categorization of organizational units, you have no limitations in managing your organizational structure.

Take advantage of a centrally manageable organizational chart design with easy search and navigation.

Use the organizational chart with reporting lines and jump to processes, documents, and the list of people.

So that everyone can find the right thing without having to search

A clear definition of process responsibility is critical to ensure that processes are executed effectively and efficiently and that the organization's goals are achieved. The organizational structure enables the assignment of responsible functions to processes. Behind a function are people who are assigned to the process in their role of a specific organizational unit.

Conversely, this means that no person in the organization has to search for their relevant processes. They can be automatically recommended and assigned as favorites.

People and organization chart

An organization chart is a visual representation of a company's hierarchy and structure. It shows the different departments and positions. The assignment of employees in the organization chart is crucial for the acceptance of the entire management system. It is the first step in building a personal recommendation management of content.

Function = role + organizational unit

In N5-Solutions, a function is a combination of a role and an organizational unit. When employees are clearly defined in their specific roles and departments, activities can be assigned quickly and effectively. People can focus on their respective responsibilities without getting bogged down in unnecessary tasks.

The matrix of organization chart and process model

Assigning process ownership through the functions defined in the organizational chart provides a clear delineation of responsibilities. Everyone knows their role and responsibility for specific processes. In turn, all relevant information is stored with the processes - no one can say they did not know.

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