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N5-Solutions make management systems better. They ensure that everything runs like clockwork. With our web-based software, you not only meet all conceivable requirements, but also increase the performance of your company.


Web-based software solutions for process-oriented integrated management systems


In a combination of process configurator and graphical modeling tool you create your process model from rough to fine.

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Manage your documented information. Whether as a file attachment or hyperlink, they are an integral part of your process model.

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Organization & People

Employees and their functions in the organization chart are the key to clear regulations of process responsibilities and personal recommendations of content.

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Analyses & Measures

All potentials from system and process audits, inspections, risk analyses, maturity checks, etc. result in a clear management of measures.

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For those of you who expect more from your management system than just being able to hang certificates on the wall.

Web-based software

Choose the stylish and highly available solution. Thanks to 100% web-based and responsive design, N5 solutions look good everywhere. On any device, in any browser and in more than 20 languages.

Developed in Stuttgart, Germany - operated at your site or in our PDCA-360 cloud.


Process-oriented method

Learn what "turtles", the "Highlander" and the "Swabian sweeper week" have to do with process-oriented management systems.

Discover how processes, documents, organizational units, people, functions, audits, measures and much more are connected. Experience the N5-Solutions with the 5-fold depth effect for more

system, method, perspective, activity and acceptance.

Integrated management system

Arm yourself against the flood of requirements and benefit from the experience of our QM-Unity.

QM, UM, AS, GoB, IS and and and - with the N5-Solutions you can harmonize everything in no time.
Whether large or small. Whether local or global.

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